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Relationship - joke

“Making Eye Contact”!

“Going steady” became “dating” and now it’s called “talking.” Relationships in the future will just be “making eye contact”!

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shoe repairman joke

Saving Soles?

Why did the pastor take a second job as a shoe repairman? He said his calling was saving soles.

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A toast

A Toast!

What speech is also a breakfast? A toast.

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“I’m Booked”

A librarian started offering tutoring lessons. But when Timmy walked in one Saturday afternoon, she said she couldn’t help him.“Why not?” he asked.“I’m booked.”

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Box Milk - Joke

Milk in a carton box.

The cashier asked if we would like our milk in a bag.“No, we’ll keep it in the carton for now,” my grandson said.

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homemade bread joke

Homemade Bread.

The only thing better than sliced bread is unsliced, homemade bread.

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Christmas Tree - jokes

Christmas Tree.

Technically, on Christmas Day every tree is a Christmas tree.

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scarecrow joke


What award did the scarecrow get? An award for being outstanding in his field.

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milking jokes


My son doesn’t like my constant cow puns, but I tell him it shouldn’t be an issue. After all, there’s nothing at steak, so I’ll milk this for all it’s…

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cards joke

The Joker.

My husband and I like playing cards because he’s a jack of all trades and I’m a joker.

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