“Making Eye Contact”!

“Going steady” became “dating” and now it’s called “talking.” Relationships…

Saving Soles?

Why did the pastor take a second job as a…

A Toast!

What speech is also a breakfast? A toast.

“I’m Booked”

A librarian started offering tutoring lessons. But when Timmy walked…

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sculpting jokes

Julius Caesar

I tried to make a sculpture of Julius Caesar, but I only got as far as his head, shoulders, and chest. It was a bust.

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redundant jokes

Redundant People.

I always find it funny when people are redundant. “Cease and desist,” “autobiography of my life,” and “surrounded on all sides” are “adequate enough” examples.

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broken screen jokes


What do you call it when you step on a broken window? Pane.

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suitecase jokes

“A Basket Case.”

I bought a cheaper version of a suitcase that is made of wicker and looks like it will fall apart by the end of the week. It sure is a…

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Miss jokes


Did you hear that they announced the Miss Universe pageant winner wrong? It was a huge Miss—understanding.

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deserts jokes

Deserts From a Shoemaker

My friend the shoemaker decided to make a special dessert. He called it the cobbler.

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